HTK cookbook

Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home

My cookbook is based on my first show, Hot Thai Kitchen, and it’s more than just a Thai recipe book! It’s more like a “handbook” for Thai cooking that uses a unique approach to demystify my homeland’s wonderful cuisine. Beyond authentic recipes, the book explores Thai food culture and, most importantly, the underlying principles that are the foundation of Thai cuisine. You can find out more about the book by watching the trailer and read some reviews below.

I don’t have a book for Pai’s Kitchen just yet, but it’s certainly is something I’d love to do one day!

You can order my book online via your local Amazonor for international orders, check out check out which has FREE SHIPPING worldwide! You might also want to call your local major bookstore to see if they carry it!


Official Book Trailer


Reader Reviews (from Amazon)

“There are few books that, for me personally, can teach the spirit and intent of the food versus simply providing recipes to truly educate the reader. Pailin accomplishes this in the same approachable conversational tone as her popular YouTube channel and videos.”

“What I was really pleased with to see immediately is that Pai did an excellent job at putting a substantial amount of information in the first few chapters of the book that go really far in explaining a lot of the foundation of Thai cooking.”

“I really love this ‘cookbook’ because it is so much more than that. I got mine 2 days ago and I cannot put it down. It’s like reading a wonderful colorful novel about the history and culture of Thailand. This book is teaching cuisine not just recipes.”

“Chef Pailin’s book is the perfect accompaniment to her “Educational Approach to Thai Cooking” video web site of the same name. As excellent as they are separately, now you should not have one without the other.”

“This is the Thai cookbook we have all been waiting for–well-written, beautifully photographed and loaded with Pai’s Hot Thai Kitchen favorites. She even gives recipes for making curry paste–no canned curry here!”

“The author gives an intelligent approach to Thai cooking, with enough freedom in ingredients for cooks outside of Thailand, where not everything is easily available. Her method of presenting recipes is well structured, and easily to repeat. Pailin’s book will rapidly become my favourite among the many books on Thai food I already own.”

“The unique feature of this book is the explanations and tips, showing home cooks both the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. That, and the BREAKDOWN section displaying the constituent ingredients are what sets this apart.”



I was blown away by how beautiful this book turned out, and it was only possible with the help of my friends and family. My brother Art traveled with me to Thailand and shot some absolutely stunning photos that made this book exude the essence of Thailand as you flip through the pages; David Tam of Matdivad Photography did an amazing job with the food, turning even the simplest of dishes into a work of art. My food came to life when plated in beautiful hand-made pottery made/collected by T.J. Isherwood. The talented designer/art director Craig Lam who put everything together into one gorgeous book. My writing was refined and polished by my wonderful editor Alayna Becker. My winning agent, Jesse Finkelstein of Page Two Strategies, without whom this book would not be in your hands. And of course, Adam Hunter, my dedicated partner in crime and cameraman who makes the show, and therefore this book, possible.